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Steven Price, By Gaslight

The further I get from Steven Price's debut novel Into That Darkness, the more I distrust my original review of it. I've recommended it several times over the last few years, and I think very fondly both of its horrors and of its writerliness (which I kind of objected to at the time of reading). If you haven't read Into That Darkness, you're in for a treat once you get there.

What's annoying is that I now have not unrelated misgivings about By Gaslight, Price's celebrated second novel that has earned him not just praise but significant cash.

Disagreements at book club, though, have helped me come to terms with my frailties as a Price reader. The general consensus was that it took too long for things to get moving with this book, something like 300 pages before there's momentum as such, but a couple of us took issue with that (mostly me, admittedly). For me, those slow first 300 pages were the best part of the book, and I didn't need the acceleration. Th…

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